Yoga and the Sciatic Nerve

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The nervous system is the most complicated and highly organised human body system.  The body connects the reaction and adjustments of the body and its environment—the central nervous system containing the brain and the spinal cord.  The peripheral nervous system refers to nerves outside the spinal column and brain, and these bundles of nerve fibers conduct information to the central nervous system.  Electrical impulses carry the data to the cell carrying the required information via a synapse. This includes the Sciatic nerve. Melanie Gordon tells us all about relieving sciatic injuries with Yoga.

The Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, running from the pelvis in a 2cm bundle of nerves with the same connective tissue sheath and runs through to the gluteal reign and down towards the hamstring.  When damaged, it can cause pain and numbness, and tingling.  Piriformis syndrome arises from the sciatic nerve’s compression, which will then cause consistent pain, muscle weakness, and tenderness.  There are two ways of treating this; one through surgery where the Piriformis muscle is released or non-surgical invasion through corticosteroid injections, physiotherapy, and yoga.

Yoga is the perfect way to aid relief from Sciatic injury and help with recovery.  There are so many asanas to help with this pain and relieve the discomfort it brings.  Even the simplest poses, such as baby pose and downward dog, can stretch the nerve out from the pelvis as well as toning and stretching the whole body. 

Looking at the spiritual side of yoga as well, we can see that as the nervous system lives in the spine, there is a lot of untapped energy, which, if released, can help the body to heal.  Western science has not yet developed a way to harness or tap into this energy, but it has been suspected to be within the spinal area for many thousands of years.  Although you may not see this energy, you can experience its fundamental and transformational effects.   There are two parts of this energy system, the Ida and Pingala.  The Ida is known to carry the cooling energy around the body, which goes into the spine’s lumbar region.  The Pingala carries warmer and projective energy.  With the ability to balance the two of these parts, the spinal energies are a way forwards to helping calm the nervous system and heal.  Yoga posture, especially balancing asanas, breathing exercises, and focused meditation, can bring the body back into alignment and deep relaxation techniques work wonders of the nervous system. 

Yoga is a safe way to help release the pressure on the pelvis and soothe the Sciatic nerve to hopefully give some relief to the many of us who can suffer from this type of injury.  Yoga can help make you feel better and bring self-growth, which provides peace of mind.

Melanie Gordon is a qualified UK counsellor who offers kind and clear advice for all your sensitive issues with that comes from the heart with warmth and empathy. Listening to one another can make you feel you’re not alone.

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