Yoga to banish those muffin tops

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Every woman would like to see a muffin top tucked away on a shelf in a bakery. Its not something you’d want relocated on the sides of your belly! So what exactly is a muffin top? It’s that extra weight that hangs out from your waistband after you button your jeans. Delna Mistry Anand tells us how to get rid of that stubborn fat with simple yoga asanas.

That weight around your middle sure can be stubborn to shift. Anyone who’s tried to get rid of their muffin top can vouch for how difficult it is to get rid of. Although targeting exactly where you will lose fat is impossible, if you combine exercises with a healthy diet  (think nutrient-dense veg, high-quality protein and LOTS of water) and you might able to put that muffin top just where it belongs!

Always start your routine with a warm up and a few long deep breaths in and out to center your energies. And then proceed with these asanas.

1) Half Moon Pose (Ardhachandrasan)

Stand with your feet parallel, at hip distance on the mat. (Tip: Make sure your second toe is in line with the center of your ankle). Keep your back straight, and make sure your tailbone is tilted down (squeeze your butt towards legs to get a perfect alignment). Keeping right hand straight; inhale and bring your left hand up near the ears keeping shoulder down. Slowly slide your right hand on the side of your leg, and stretch as much as you can. Make sure your legs are parallel and don’t lean forward while going down. Hold for 10 breaths. Then slowly come up. Repeat on the other side.

For maximum results, repeat 3 to4 times everyday in addition to other exercises.

2) Extended Side Angle Pose (Parsvakonasana)

Stand with your feet around 4-5 feet wide. Keep your left foot parallel and turn your right foot to the right side so that your right heel points into your left arch. Keep the upper body straight and slowly bend the right knee into a right angle with your knee over your toes. Keep your left palm on your waist. Now slowly stretch right arm and touch the ground. And stretch the left arm back over your head and look towards the left.

3) Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Stand with your feet slightly apart. Tighten your thighs and tuck your tailbone in. Make sure your collarbones are open and wide. Take a deep breath in and raise both your arms up, but do not raise your shoulders. Lock your fingers and stretch your palms to the sky.

Exhale and bend towards the right side, without bending forward. Come back to the centre and repeat on the left. At all times, keep all corners of your feet pressed into the ground, and do not lean forward or backward. This can be repeated 3-4 times on each side.

4) Swastikasan

Sit on the mat  with your legs crossed. Now take one leg and put it in a right angle behind. So now both your legs are in right angles as shown in the picture. Now twist your body and put both your hands on one side of the body and slowly bend your elbows so that your body moves down. Make sure not to bend your back. Use only your arms to help you to bend forward. At all times, keep both your thighs firmly on the ground.

End your sequence by lying down in Shavasana, a step that must not be skipped. Take a few long and deep breaths in and out slowly. And gently, sit up and then open your eyes.

Sounds easy, and it is too. A few of yoga a day will encourage healthy eating habits too. Big changes do happen with small steps.

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