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This year has changed the world we live in. Our lifestyles, habits, relationships have experienced a shift. The economy has struck a severe blow and uncertainty of the future has brought words like fear, depression, suicides, crisis, chaos etc. in our routine usage. Natural calamities are rising and whether we accept it or not, this is just the beginning. Our Mother Earth has been crying for a change since decades and we did not alter our ways despite her tremors and heavy downpours. Finally, she took charge of the situation and put us all in the naughty corner in our very own homes hoping we would all learn our lessons. The solution to this confusion is ‘Transformation’. The external disturbances demand an internal shift in our mindset, perspective, and approach towards life. The transformation that we are talking about is a permanent shift within that fosters a positive state of mind, happiness, joy, peace, and love towards each fellow being as a natural state of being.

We all wish to live in a happier world with cleaner air to breathe, fresher food to eat, leading a better quality of life and it is a dream that is very much achievable only if we all start transforming ourselves. To manifest this Divine vision requires a Transformation within each of us. Maitreya Dadashreeji, the founder and visionary of MaitriBodh Parivaar has introduced the ‘WORLDWIDE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM’ for each being who wants to work towards creating a better world for the future. With 25 courses over a span of 2 years, this program is reflective, meditative, and experiential. Each seeker will be personally guided in their journey of transformation.

Maitreya Dadashreeji, the founder and visionary of MaitriBodh Parivaar

What is inner transformation?

“A true spiritual transformation is like the bursting of a balloon-first a connection happens between the air inside the balloon (our little Self) and the air outside (the enormity of Divinity), eventually both merge into one.”

Transformation is a process of becoming a better being. There is a constant conscious effort to improve oneself. People all over the world are seeking something. They are always looking for it in the material world. They do not realize that their inner world is weak and unstable. It shakes internally whenever there is a problems, difficulties, and challenging situations, especially in this past year. Everyone is uncertain, worried, and unsure of COVID 19 and the uncertainties that come with it. And during such times, you do not know how to deal with them. If we do not lay the foundation of goodness and love, we will always be vulnerable to suffer in life and collapse one day. Our growth will slowly shrink and dreams that we cherish in our heart will not get fulfilled. So instead of getting pulled into a web of negativity, it is high time we begin transcending these limitations. Take small steps towards transformation every day.

Why now, more than ever before?

We have gone somewhere wrong in understanding our life, nature, and our planet. We have hit a nerve evoking a fatal response from nature. And, because of it, we don’t see any solace but worsening of the situation. So, do we keep doing what we were doing earlier or do we change it? Change it for better. We need to move towards that change.

These are challenging times. Life never stops so we should not. We should keep doing what we want to do. In these current times, we may modify our approach; but we need to keep exploring this life to accomplish our dream. Nothing should stop our progress, our growth. We are all aware that humanity is facing its toughest test ever. Unless we change within, things will never improve. How can we expect someone else to love us if we are not able to love others? We want respect from everyone, but we do not have respect for others. So, if we want to see that change outside in that world, you first need to change yourself internally. If you want best in life, give your best to life.

What are the stages of personal transformation?

With the rapid and major shift occurring in the Universal Consciousness, our harmonizing with it requires equal and effective transformation.

And while you are proceeding towards transformation every day, you should not get confused between change and transformation. Changing your lifestyle does not mean you are experiencing transformation. Changing your attire or changing the time you wake up or the way you stand, or walk does not mean that you are experiencing transformation. That is a change in your life; which is good. It’s positive. Transformation is beyond that. It’s much deeper in your consciousness. There is a profound shift within you as an individual. In this process of transformation, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers get upgraded. All internal layers of your being change into positivity and Divinity. You feel empowered within to successfully handle any adverse situation in your life and convert those into an opportunity. Life becomes easy. You are in a position wherein you can control everything associated with your life. Flow with this phase of transformation. What you get at the end is all positivity, success, and opportunities. You keep growing in life. So, through transformation, you experience happiness and you help others to experience the same.

Does transformation lead to betterment or enlightenment?

The ultimate purpose of the spiritual journey is to unite with the Divine-The Source. All beings knowingly or unknowingly strive to attain the Supreme state of eternal Truth.

Enlightenment means ‘you become what you are’. Your True Self becomes the dominant force within. The layer of ignorance enveloping your true being is removed.

Is enlightenment the end of one’s spiritual journey? No, but in fact the beginning of a new journey of your existence. We emphasize mainly on this next step of your spiritual journey known as Transformation. The process of transformation is like a circle never ending, and continuous. Each and every moment of transformation rewards you with excellence and happiness in life, with these moments you develop positivity within, with precise decision-making abilities and the resolution of inner conflicts. It strengthens your goals and is conducive to healthy relations. You tend to approach every individual and every situation you face in life holistically. Experiencing transformation is similar to being released from mental blocks, traumas, conditionality and ignorance. You start tasting true happiness, true love and true peace within.

Remember, there is no end to transformation, for it progressively continues forever.

Three effective steps you should explore to grow spiritually:

1)         First thing is to cultivate spiritual values. The mind may ask, what are those spiritual values? How do we know those spiritual values? So, I will give you a general understanding so that you know what it is about. Any quality that attracts and expresses love and peace is a spiritual quality. Caring for someone, praying for someone, helping someone; anything which is helping you increase love within. Just embrace those qualities and see the change within. It will strengthen your mind and act as a protective shield in the time of crisis. You will naturally grow spiritually. Your honest attempt is required.

2)         Acceptance: Accept yourself as you are. Accept the situation as it is. You are not at fault every time. Don’t blame yourself. Don’t blame others. Nature has offered the best. Acknowledge it and accept it whole heartedly. Don’t struggle with it. Acceptance will boost your spiritual growth. It will instantly uplift the level of awareness. You reach beyond the realm of happiness and suffering. You start understanding life truly. When you feel loss of energy or depressed and worried about life situations and have no direction, no help and you’re in an overall confused state; there in that state, immediate relief will come when you accept yourself as it is. Try it once and see the magic.

3)         Divine as a friend: In this period of spiritual transformation, the most potent force that can firmly build your spiritual growth is the Divine force. And that is by connecting with the Divine. Invite any form of the Divine of your choice, establish a connection as a friend. Your Divine will appear. He will walk with you and sit right next to you. The only way to connect with the Divine is through love. Express your love to the Divine. Your inner Divine will guide you towards the Light and spiritual Transformation. That is the easiest way. If there is anyone closest and nearest to you, it’s your Inner Divine. So instead of searching here and there, search within, connect with your Divine and witness the change.


MaitriBodh Parivaar has been working to uplift the human consciousness since 2013. Through its various spiritual programs and initiatives for social welfare, this global family has been working tirelessly with the sole purpose to establish love and peace on this planet. With a vision to create ‘One World One Family’, Maitreya Dadashreeji has even appealed to all spiritual leaders, spiritual masters world over to join Him in talking more on ‘Transformation’ and guiding their followers and disciples to create a better world filled with unconditional love and peace. He says, “Every moment of unhappiness in our lives is asking us to change. Allow that change to happen. When we transform, we grow.”

To join MaitriBodh Parivaar in this Global Transformation: please log on to or email us at

Let’s transform ourselves,

Let’s transform the World!

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